The CTO Advisor Hybrid Cloud Virtual Conference 2023 9th March 2023  |  9 am - 5 pm CDT
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From multicloud to on-premises, the cloud is fulfilling the attribute of being borderless. However, the concerns have grown to include managing dispersed teams, returning value to the business in the form of reduced spend, and increased agility. Join us for this 8-hour single-track event. Industry experts will be available during the live chat to answer your questions and share feedback with your peers.


March 9, 2023 09:00 am

The Holy Grail of Truly Automated Multi-Cloud

Allyson Klein moderates a panel of industry experts on how we achieve true multi-cloud automation, the challenges of automation today, and technology advancement in VMs, containers, and web assembly architectures to achieve single pane of glass oversight.

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Allyson Klein
Principal – The TechArena

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Rebecca Weekly

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Lynn Comp

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Matt Butcher

March 9, 2023 10:00 am

Your Last Line of Defense

Ransomware attacks have been making headlines targeting large companies, causing larger negative impacts than other types of disasters to data storage. This costs organizations millions of dollars in ransom, sensitive data breches, damage to reputation, etc. Ransomware sets itself apart with its ability to live in systems for weeks or months before the attack happens, increasing the risk of restoring from an unreliable or compromised backup. As a result, this kind of disaster requires a different disaster preparation and recovery process.

Knowing how to be prepared for a ransomware infection, and testing your recovery process frequently, can literally save your organization millions of dollars. Join me to learn what you need, beyond detection and prevention, to be the IT hero your organization needs.

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Kim Delgado
Sr Staff Cloud Solution Architect - VMware

March 9, 2023 11:00 am

Leveraging Abstraction and Automation to Manage Multi- and Hybrid-Clouds

Terms that are beginning to emerge, such as “supercloud,” “distributed cloud,” “metacloud” (my vote), and “abstract cloud.” Even the term “cloud native” is up for debate. The common pattern seems to be a collection of public clouds and sometimes edge-based systems that work together for some greater purpose.

The metacloud concept will be the single focus for the next 5 to 10 years as we begin to put public clouds to work. Having a collection of cloud services managed with abstraction and automation is much more valuable than attempting to leverage each public cloud provider on its terms rather than yours.

This presentation will expand what all this is, how it works, and how to build it today.

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David Linthicum
Chief Cloud Strategy Officer - Deloitte

March 9, 2023 12:00 pm

You Can’t Ride the Ticket Train to Your (Hybrid) Cloud Destination

Migrating to the cloud means entering a new reality of operating in the cloud. What does that mean? Changes happening faster, dependencies on ephemeral resources, and a growing surface area of “things that can go wrong.” For risk-averse IT organizations, that sounds like a non-starter. But with the pace of innovation and pressure from competition that have adopted and adapted to the cloud, a cloud migration strategy is imperative.

 So, how do you migrate to the cloud without incurring massive disruption? The answer is NOT by doing work the same way you’ve been doing it: file a ticket and wait. In this talk, Dormain Drewitz will explore:

 * Why IT organizations need to evolve their operational model to better detect, coordinate, and automate unplanned work.

* How AIOps and automation technologies provide scale factors in the face of growing event data and change events.

* Which best practices have helped teams evolve to a cloud operating model in ways that bring their teams along.

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Dormain Drewitz
Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing - PagerDuty

March 9, 2023 01:00 pm

Identity Protection Beyond Borders – Disrupting Shadow Access Across the Cloud

In today’s digital reality, we are increasingly integrated and interconnected with those we know (and don’t know) - and what we think of as “identity” is evolving. Identity and Access Management has been a foundational aspect of data security for decades, but is faced with a tectonic shift in processes and solutions. As the information technology landscape has moved from on-prem to cloud, the security measures that IAM provides must also evolve. The widespread use of cloud services and the increase in data-centric applications has led to the proliferation of identities and the footprint of identity risk now goes beyond compromised employees to include contractors, suppliers, guest accounts, and even the identity of "things" (devices, bots, APIs), introducing a new problem of Shadow Access - the unauthorized, unregulated, and invisible access to cloud data, applications, and software putting companies at risk.

In this session we will talk about this changing landscape of identity and the processes and protections you need to put in place to build an “Identity-in-Depth” strategy that goes beyond looking at employee identities but assesses your entire identity ecosystem for what may be lurking in the shadows.

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Shinesa Cambric
Principal Product Manager - Microsoft

March 9, 2023 02:00 pm

Why choose one when you can have both, On-Premises & Cloud

Cloud computing offers undeniable efficiencies of speed and scalability while on-premises deployments offer custom control and compliance. Organizations can have best of both worlds with Hybrid Cloud because it
offers a computing model that provide a flexible mix of both services to meet the different requirements each organization has.

 But Hybrid Cloud may appear daunting especially as organizations seek to find an operating model that simplifies operations, management complexity and interoperability between the two models. It does not have
to be! In this presentation, we’ll see real-world examples of how enterprise organizations have successfully migrated to Hybrid Cloud deployments for Digital Workspaces with consistent processes and architectures and poised themselves to embrace emerging cloud trends like multi-cloud w ith ease.

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Shikha Mittal
Senior Director, Product Management - VMware

March 9, 2023 03:00 pm

Controlling Cloud Costs - The Hybrid Option

The CTO Advisor has covered repatriation and cloud optimization to control public cloud costs. But what about the hybrid cloud as the default method for cost control? Keith will cover the following topics as part of his session. 
- Advantages and Disadvantages 
- Security 
- Connectivity 
- Service Managementnt  
- Non Technical Considerations
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Keith Townsend

March 9, 2023 04:00 pm

Leading Successful Transformations with Distributed Teams

Maturing your Project Management Office to become more proactive and less reactive takes collaboration and data. Building a PMO that uses data to drive the project, make decisions, and communicate effectively at all levels will bring significant value to the organization. Project Managers have increased significantly over the last several years bringing strong technical skills and increased business knowledge however little investment has gone into developing soft skills. PMs are dedicated to learning the technical skills but investment in soft skills such as leadership, presentation, communication and the art of negotiation are not priority.

We will dive into:

• Maturing your Project Management Office

• Establishing a more data driven Project Management Office

• Increasing demand for Project Managers with “soft skills”

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Catina Ross

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