The CTO Advisor Hybrid Cloud Virtual Conference 2023 9th March 2023  |  9 am - 5 pm CDT
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Countdown to theVirtual Conference
The event is a 4-hour event with three content paths. You don't have to consume all the content in one day or even all the content. The environment will be available for 30-days. As the schedule fills, you want to make sure to select the event you want to attend "live." Live events are recorded but the speakers will be in the chat rooms of their sessions to answer questions and engage with the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the conference cost?


My Information - So, if the conference is free, I’m the product, right?

We are only asking for your email address, company, and full name. We will add you to the various CTO Advisor communications. You can opt out at any time. The sponsors don’t get your information.

How is this different from a webinar?

What we heard from our 2020 attendees – “This felt like VMworld. It was nice to see friends again.” What makes our events different is that we have the speakers actively participate in the chat as their pre-recorded sessions play. The value of live is the interaction with your community of peers.

Can I sponsor a session or event?

Sure, email